Saturday, July 25, 2009

ND Bluegrass History Initiative Launched

B.A.N.D. Newsletter Editor John Andrus is asking for help in documenting a history of bluegrass music and musicians in our state. Information will be published in the B.A.N.D. newsletter.

John writes, “We will start with putting together a bluegrass performers listing. We will then add details to write stories of performers of interest to our readers. We would also be interested in photos to publish. Readers are encouraged to send names of musicians to me with as many of the following details as possible:

Performer Name:
Years performed:
Instrument(s) played (on stage):
Singer? Yes or No List parts sung (lead, tenor, baritone, bass)
ND bluegrass groups played with (List years):
Songwriter? Yes or No:
Other Information of interest:-----------------------------------------------------------------

Here is a sample of the form filled out that needs a few details added and maybe some corrections:
Performer Name: Scotty Thompson
Years performed: 1950’s - 1990’s
Instrument(s) played (on stage): Dobro
Singer? No
Hometown: Bottineau, ND
ND bluegrass groups played with (List years):
Cindy & the Turtle Mountain Boys
The Turtle Mountain Stump Jumpers
Scotty & Thelma Thompson
Songwriter? Yes
List significant songs:
For You and For Me (gospel song)
Recordings: LP: Cindy & the Turtle Mountain Boys, Damen Studio, Kansas City, MO.
Cassette: Teardrops Falling in the Snow, 1992
Other Information of interest:
Husband of Thelma Thompson (Cindy of Cindy & the Turtle Mountain Boys)
Info should be sent to John Andrus, Editor
B.A.N.D. Newsletter210 7th Avenue Litchville, ND 58461
or email to
Here are some early ND bluegrass groups we hope to profile (please help us add to this list):
Cindy & the Turtle Mountain Boys
The Turtle Mountain Stump Jumpers
Lucifer B. Tykes (SP?)
Paul & Steve Johnson
Friends & Neighbors
Pea Pickers of the Plains
Light at the River


Whiteskycloud said...

I was a personal friend of the family from Winnipeg Manitoba. My parents & I would go visit Scotty & Thelma Thompson back in the yr 1967. Scotty used to encourage me to sing with Thelma & I did impersonate Thelma's voice. I thought it was neat to impersonate other singers...I try my best. Scotty was amazed by my talent being able to impersonate her singing voice. I can still remember doing it today. Back in 1985 Scotty phoned my Mom & Dad Grant & Freda Willey in Olds Alberta Canada. Around Christmas time my mom got me to talk to Scotty for a few minutes. He asked me if I can still sing like Thelma...I heard she passed away..I know Scotty missed her very much. SO I sang her song THE NORTH DAKOTA Thelma's voice. He was choking up & said that it was so close to her voice...he dearly was pleased that I shared that song for him. I didn't hear form him after that...I believe he died of a broken heart..he missed her so. If you folks would like to hear an impersonation of Thelma's voice...I'd be honored. I met Cindy & her brother once when Scotty was a milkman in Botteneau... if you wish to call me here is my number 604-818-8375 My name is Derrick. Blessings to you all.

Unknown said...

Hello Derrick. My name is Kerry Nielsen. I am Thelmas great nephew. It's a very nice story but unfortunately it is not completely accurate. Scotty "Clarence" passed before Thelma in 1997. Thelma did not pass until 2009. Thelma was the one that died of a broken heart. Thelma and Scotty were both very beautiful people and when Scotty passed she was never the same. I have many memories of the two of them as our families were very close. My favorite memories are of Scotty, Thelma and the rest of our family spending Christmas Eve on the farmstead that Thelma and her siblings grew up on. I seen them perform a number of times. Although I was too young to remember I'm sure I seen them perform the North Dakota Waltz. I miss them both very much. One of the last times I seen Thelma "in 2007" she showed me the guitar that Scotty gave her on their wedding day which if I remember correctly was 1957. It was a Fender Telecaster. Even though I am not a collector of music memorabilia I did realize that guitar probably had a good deal of value. After some research I informed Thelma "who at the time was not wealthy at all" that the guitar was a collectors item and she could make a great deal of money off of it. She was not interested in the value. All that mattered to her was the fact that it was given to her from Scotty. To be honest the guitar had more value than the house that her and Scotty had for many years and she still lived in. The guitar had no monetary value to her but endless sentimental value. When she passed I never knew what happened to the guitar but I know that Thelma rests beside Scotty for eternity. It is a true story that would make a great movie that brings a tear to my eye even now as I write this.

Kerry Nielsen grandson of Gladys Carlson. Glad to share more if you would like to hear about it. 772-200-7483.